Artificial Intelligence: What to think about machines that think?

Artificial Intelligence: What to think about machines that think?



May 2019 The policy paper will be published soon! We are currently organizing the last details around it, looking forward with great pleasure to the big, big, big final! But until that happes, join us on the 20th of May at the University of Zurich.

March 2019 Currently bringing our policy paper across the finish line: feedback incorporaton, design fine tuning & press release coordination. Stay tuned!

January 2019 Nearly done with our policy proposal for digital public spaces. Our team will present the policy paper for the first time on the 23rd of February at Karl der Grosse in Zurich.

December 2018 Still working on our policy proposal for digital public spaces.

November 2018 Working on our policy proposal for digital public spaces. Next meeting: 16th of November. Partnering with foraus science and technology team to kick off a swiss wide debate on AI. Igor Krawczuk represents our team on the 21st of November at SRF's dataland.

October 2018 After an insightful and encouraging feedback workshop with Nicolas Zahn and Adrienne Fichter, we determined three focus areas for our work: digital public space, AI innovation in Switzerland, and liability & responsibility in AI services.



We foster a deeper understanding of AI and forward looking AI policy in Switzerland.

We organize public events. We craft policy ideas. We give workshops and talks.



From personal assistants on our smartphones to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to play a major role in our lives in the coming decades. However, due to the rapid progress of these technologies, our understanding of the future impact of AI is limited – and from hypes over recent developments, actual knowledge on these technologies' capabilities is in danger of becoming distorted. This poor understanding prevents citizens and politicians from reaching acceptable trade-offs between the benefits that AI promises and the risks it entails. The AI team at reatch, founded generously by the cogito foundations, has addressed this with the event series «A.I. – Connecting the Dots» reaching over 3000 university and high school students, as well as members of the interested public. We have also written several blog articles and are currently working policy ideas for Switzerland. Beginning of 2019, the project will enter the final phase where we reach out to politicians to discuss AI policy with them.