Animal Science and Ethics Day

One Day Continuous Education in Animal Experimentation: register now until the 3rd of October 2019! reatch members will get an exclusive discount.

Scientists work in a complex environment with various areas of conflicts. Many of these conflicts arise from ethical questions. It is important for scientists to elaborate these ethical questions in order to better understand their work environment and to improve the value of the science performed. At the ABS Animal Science and Ethic Day 2019, various ethical questions concerning the daily scientific life are discussed, with a main focus on animal experiments. Since it is important to discuss above mentioned topics, there will be workshops in the second part of the program, where all participiants are invited to actively join the conversation. The ABS Animal Science and Ethic Day 2019 is fully accredited by the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO as 1 day continuous education for principal investigators («Versuchsleiter*innen») and their experimentators («Versuchsdurchführende»).

Register here until 3rd of October 2019. reatch members will get a discount of 10CHF. You can also find a detailed programm.

The event is organized in collaboration with Alumni Biomedical Sciences.


Alumni Biomedical Sciences