April nanoTalks: A Fatal Kiss & Mind-controlling Parasites

Courious about how a kiss can be fatal and how parasites can control our minds? Then join the next round of nanoTalks by the end of April for inspiring and stimulating talks by Julia Rühl, aluma of the Institute of Experimental Immunology at UZH and Dmitry Kopelanskiy from the Center of Immunity and Infection at UNIL & winner of FameLab Switzerland 2018 & international FameLab finalist!

Talk 1: A Fatal Kiss?

Presented by Julia Rühl, PhD, Alumna from the Institute of Experimental Immunology, University of Zurich

This talk will give a short journey through the world of the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), which infects over 90% of the adult human population worldwide – most often through an innocent kiss. However, EBV is associated with 200.000 deaths every year. The talk will lead you through the discovery of EBV as an human oncogenic virus to its use for biomedical research and to current advances in the development of specific vaccines and immunotherapies.

Talk 2:  Mind-controlling Parasites

Presented by Dmitry Kopelyanskiy, PhD candidate, Center of Immunity and Infection, University of Lausanne & winner of Famelab CH 2018 & international finalist, winner of Science Slam Basel 2018

Zombies! Are they real? Some parasites manipulate the behavior of their hosts in order to promote their own transmission. Using complicated plots and twisted schemes, they mess with the nervous systems, suppress the survival instincts of, and enslave their hosts as a source of food and shelter. Fortunately, humans are not affected. Or are we?

In collaboration with Life Science Zurich and supported by UZH Alumni.

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