Between realities

Reatching into the rabbit hole goes to ScienceComm’19! We explore the impact of virtual and augmented reality on science, journalism and politics.

Advancing technical development brings us closer and closer to the dream of experiencing virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) in a realistic way. In our workshop, we explore the current state of virtual and augmented reality with Lukas Schleuniger. He is one of the founders of the virtual reality startup “Red or Blue Labs". He brings VR and AR headsets for us, so we can try out what is possible today. Afterwards, we leave reality behind us and embark on a journey through the rabbit hole into a world, where virtual and augmented reality already have revolutionized science, journalism, and politics. How do these fields profit from the additional sensory information? In which situations should we still rely on our own senses?

This event is a special installment of RRH as a part of the ScienceCommm’19