Brain doping, the way to go?

Reatching into the rabbit hole goes to the Kunsthalle (Escherwyssplatz)! As part of the brain weekend of the science festival «100 ways of thinking» we're travelling to a world where brain doping enhances our lifestyle. We will discuss the possibilities and limits of «smart drugs» and «happy pills».

Would you like to be smarter, more efficient, always in a good mood and more successful?
Millions of consumers around the world show us that brain doping with so-called «smart
drugs» and «happy pills» seems to be the way to go. How effective is brain doping and
which possibilities do we have? Who would benefit from brain doping and where are the
limits of self-optimization? Join us on our 12th journey through the rabbit hole into a world,
where everybody is optimized from birth on with neuroenhancers.

The white rabbit of the evening: Patrick Köck, assistant doctor from the University Psychiatric Clinic Basel is exploring unconventional therapeutic approaches in the treatment of people with psychological problems.

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