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Upcoming Nano Talks

The Nano Talks take place on the last Thursday every month. Join this spicy format to broaden your horizon on diverse scientific discoveries and insights!

February 22th, 7pm: "Batteries - The Powerhouse of the Future" (Andreas Bumberger) and "Wind Energy from Kites" (Eva Ahbe)


What are the Nano Talks?

The Nano Talks are a platform for inspiring and stimulating talks within the arts, sciences, and technologies. The Nano Talks strive to facilitate networking, provide a training platform for speakers to give talks to a broader audience, assist speakers in creating simple and generally understandable talks on complex issues, and inspire the audience with new ideas.


Give a Nano Talk!

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Here is some guiding information:

All Nano Talks are in English. While you prepare your talk, you might ask yourself: Why is my topic exiting? How can our society benefit from my work (in case you want to present your scientific research)? How and why would a news agency report on it? Keep in mind that the audience comes from a diverse background. So please keep your talk simple and understandable without dwelling to much on technical details. To ensure maximum intelligibility, the talks are generally limited to 10 minutes. This way, you are guaranteed to get the audience's full attention throughout the talk. Afterwards, there is a 10 minutes long questions and answers session. 


Nano Talk History

The Nano Talks - formerly known as 'Thursday Talks' - were founded in 2013 by an independent student association but later merged with reatch in 2017. So far, Nano Talks have covered topics ranging from innovation, education, nature conservation, health, sport, and design. The last  Nano Talk hosted by reatch was the following:

October, 26th: Two talks on awarded Nobel Prizes in Physics and Medicine


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