nanoTalks: All About Energy!

What have kites potentially got to do with generating energy? And why do we have a love-hate relationship with lithium-ion batteries? Join us and get energized at the next nanoTalks!

1. Talk:  Controlling the Power of the Wind — Energy Generation with Kites

Most people think of kites as something fun for children or kite surfers. But did you know that they can be used to generate energy? In her talk, Eva Ahbe is going to tell you how it works and present the exciting stories of current applications as well as the implementation challenges along the way.

Eva studied Physics in Heidelberg and Stanford and is currently pursuing her PhD at ETH's Automatic Control Laboratory focusing on Airborne Wind Energy.


2. Talk:  Lithium-Ion Batteries: A Love-Hate Relationship

Lithium-ion batteries have enabled the evolution of portable electronics and are now out to revolutionize the mobility sector. In our everyday perception, batteries have been reduced to a state-of-charge symbol at the top of our cell phone screen that runs off like a countdown and doesn’t like the cold. But what is at the heart of this indispensable technology? The second talk by Andreas Bumberger aims to convey the fundamental principles of the lithium-ion battery and identify some of the limitations the technology is facing.

Andreas is a master student in Chemistry at ETH Zurich with a particular interest in photovoltaics and electrochemical energy storage. He has previously worked in battery research and plans to pursue further energy-related projects in the future.


We will serve a small apéro at the end of the evening!