nanoTalks: Digital Health and Physics Nobel Prize

Fall has arrived and with that the announcement of this year's Nobel Prize laureates. Over the next few talks, our speakers will enlighten us about the scientific advances that were rewarded this year. In October, we will hear about trust in digital health applications and begin the Nobel Prize series with Laser Physics.

Talk 1: What is trust in digital health?

Presented by Afua Adjekum, PhD Candidate at ETH, Department of Health Sciences and Technology

The impact of technology in healthcare cannot be underestimated. Thanks to wearable devices such as Fitbit and mobile apps, patients are being granted the opportunity to play more active roles in their healthcare. Nevertheless, how can we be sure that these apps and devices are trustworthy? Are there concerns, features or elements that you expect from digital health devices or services in order to trust them? In this talk, I will describe the current state of my research into trust in digital health by describing a few elements that are necessary for users to perceive these technologies as trustworthy.

Talk 2:  Nobel Prize in Physics 2018

Presented by Prof. Ursula Keller, Professor at ETH, Department of Physics

The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Ashkin, Mourou, and Strickland this year for their inventions in laser physics. In this talk, we will try to understand how their contribution revolutionized the use of light as a instrument for manipulation on a microscopic scale. The technology of high intensity laser pulses has already enabled technologies like eye surgery and is used as «optical tweezers» for viruses and bacteria.