nanoTalks: Nobel Prizes

What do human beings really have in common with the concept of "homo economicus" of neoclassical economic theory? What is the role of music, poetry, and literature in social development and change? Come and join the next series of our nanoTalks to find out!

The nanoTalks are back with a new round of exciting short talks and lively discussions all about the Nobel Prizes! Come and join us for this evening centered around this year's Nobel Prize in Economics as well as last year's fulminant Nobel Prize in Literature. Afterwards, there will be a small apéro!

Talk 1: Stating The Obvious - Why Richard Thaler Won the Nobel Prize in Economics (Tobias Wekhof, ETHZ)

Findings from psychology are increasingly present in economics: the field of behavioral economics advocates that people's economic decision making is not rational but rather influenced by psychological, cognitive, and emotional factors. Richard Thaler is among the main contributors to this subfield of economics. The insight that individuals do not act according to the scheme of the "homo economicus" seems trivial at first. In his presentation, Tobias will explain the reasoning behind behavioral economics and why its findings merit this year's Nobel Prize in Economics.

Talk 2: Nobel Prize in Literature - An Interdisciplinary Search for Clues with Bob Dylan (Katrin Pfrunder, reatch)

According to the founder’s will, the Nobel Prize is awarded “for the greatest benefit to mankind in physics, chemistry, medicine, peace - and literature." Katrin's talk will investigate how literature and lyrics can contribute to social development.