nanoTalks: Virtual Reality for Surgeons & Our Future with A.I.

Come and join us for the next round of nanoTalks, where virtual reality will meet medicine and we will further think about nightmares and dreams concerning Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

Come and join us for the next round of nanoTalks, where virtual reality will meet medicine and we will think further about nightmares and dreams concerning Artifical Intelligence (A.I.).

1. Talk: Virtual reality meets medicine – Surgical simulation training

Ivo Leibacher, Ph.D.: He develops surgical simulators as hardware engineer at VirtaMed AG. Formerly, he pursued his PhD at ETH on microscale acoustofluidics, focusing on biomedical applications.

Surgical procedures require a high level of cognitive and motor skills. For a surgeon’s training of these skills, simulations with virtual reality technology are ideally suited. Analogous to virtual flight simulators for pilots, surgical simulators provide a realistic, risk-free and economical training environment. In this talk, endoscopic surgical simulation systems are presented from an educational and technological perspective.

2. Talk: Dreams and Nightmares around Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) – Do we stand before the creation of a new lifeform or is technology just becoming more sophisticated?

Rainer Kessler: He is a researcher in cyber security and artificial intelligence safety, and teaches in the areas of information security, technology risk management, and operational risk management. He advices large corporations, small to medium sized businesses, critical infrastructure, as well as governmental organizations and military. He worked in managing positions for two of the “big-4 companies” and he was group-wide and globally responsible for information and cyber security of one of the biggest banks worldwide. Rainer Kessler is a retired Special Forces Major (recon troop commander, military intelligence, high-mountain specialist, sniper, blaster, military lifeguard, mines and commando specialist, and specialist for advanced weapons). He holds a Master of Law, a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Certificate in Computer Software Engineering, a Teaching Certificate for GDPR, and he is a member of MENSA as well as known Asperger Autist and Savant for abstract synesthesia.

Self-driving cars, surgical robots, chatbots, or autonomous weapons – A.I. and its applications seem to be everywhere. And only a few topics unify both hopes and fears like artificial intelligence (A.I.) does. Whether paradise or doom is awaiting us, we do not know. One thing is sure, however: A.I. is here to stay, it is growing, and every human being on the planet will most likely be impacted in one way or another. The talk provides a short and insightful introduction to the mechanisms and different levels of A.I.