reatch pitch: The Future is Light

Every child knows that light is a crucial prerequisite for life on earth, primarily as energy source. But can light also be used to remotely control the activity of human cells and cure disease such as cancer? Find out in this reatch pitch.

Applications of light in biology and medicine

In 2015, the «International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies» (UN) invites us to think about the chances that light and light-based technologies provide for the advancement of technology and society. Especially, the use of light as a tool in chemistry and biology has recently raised attention and opens up exciting prospects, e.g. in medicine. Light offers a convenient and non-invasive tool for the control of different processes due to the high spatial and temporal refinement, its orthogonality to many other processes and its (often) non-toxic nature.

In this reatch pitch, Michael Lerch, a young researcher working on the control of biosystems with light, gave an on the potential applications of light in biology and medicine.

Michael Lerch studied at ETH Zurich in Interdisciplinary Sciences and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry in Groningen under the supervision of Prof. Ben L. Feringa.


Thanks to all reatch members who helped organize this event. We would also like to thank the University of Zurich for the hospitality and the technical support.

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