Science & Politics in the Age of Social Media and Alternative Facts

A Discussion & Workshop with prof. Ron Herring, John S. Knight Chair of International Relations at Cornell University and Member of the Cornell Alliance for Science «Contentious Knowledge: Science and Myth in the Belief System of Populist Movements»

Is democracy being undermined by post-truth conditions that are unique in history? This interdisciplinary workshop discusses changes in the knowledge landscape brought on by technological change and networking practices. It further explores how these changes lead to new social belief systems with new knowledge claims that increasingly influence political decision-making processes. Such belief systems may lead to literal political opportunity structures driven by the professionalization of populist social movements with a sectoral focus in politics. As such, they spread easily through the use of social media but also lead to static and sterile public views about «good» or «evil» in politics, as well as the depreciation of the local narratives told by local actors.

Program overview:

17.00 Coffee and Registration
17.10 Welcome Address by Philipp Aerni (Director of CCRS)
17.20 Welcome Address by Pascal Oberholzer (Program coordinator Science & Tech at foraus)
17.30 Keynote Speech by Prof. Ronald Herring
18:15 Panel Discussion with

Moderation: Servan Grüniger (President of reatch),

19:30 Concluding Remarks by Marianthe Stavridou (CCRS)

This event is a collaboration together with CCRS and foraus.