Should we replace politicians with algorithms?

Science has the tendency to make things more complex. Maybe too complex for us humans to understand? In our new experimental event, "Reatching into the Rabbit Hole", we were going to travel to a world in which politicians have been replaced by algorithms. Is it a modern utopia due to truly fact-based policy-making or rather the end of free choice and self-determination?

In the first rabbit hole, Jannes Jegminat, PhD student in neuroinformatics, claimed: „Human thinking is too simplistic to tackle complex issues like climate change or immigration. We cannot handle all the important variables involved - but with the assistance of statistical algorithms we can!“




Here is the homepage of the Rabbit Hole series.


Jannes Jegminat (reatch)
Matthias Gröbner (reatch)
Valeria Eckhardt (reatch)