Should we replace politicians with algorithms?

Is our world becoming too complex for humans to understand - and govern? Is it time for machines to take over?

In this special installment of "Reatching into the Rabbit Hole" (RIRH) we briefly explore the current state of A.I. before travelling to Switzerland in the year 2068 - where politicians have been replaced by algorithms!

Is this a modern utopia due to truly fact-based policy-making or rather the end of free choice and self-determination? We discuss various scenarios, collect old and new ideas and develop solutions for potential challenges of the future, and real problems of the present.

Join this journey and let Servan Grüninger (President reatch & data scientist), Valeria Eckhardt (Co-Head RIRH & neurobiologist) & Matthias Gröbner (Co-Head RIRH & physicist) be the white rabbits who guide you through the rabbit hole.

Note that this special installment of RIRH is part of the Applied Machine Learning at EPFL in Lausanne. In order to participate, you need to buy a ticket for the Sunday workshops or purchase a conference package via their ticket site.

Want to get into the mood? Then read "Helvetia knows best" - a short story describing one of many scenarios how Switzerland with algorithmic politicians could look like.