What if Science could only survive through Popular Science?

Science loses its value because less and less people understand it. How can the scientific community work against this threat? Join us on our journey through the rabbit hole. To a world, in which scientists merge into popular scientists.

This time, Marion Betizeau, PostDoc at the Institute of Neuroinformatics and member of the think tank EuroScience, affirms: „Science is heading for a fall according to game-theory. The problems of science, i.e. the reproducibility-crisis, the reluctance to freely share results, growing scepticism of the general public, are all but consequences of how we set up the game of science. The only way out is for researchers to invest a third of their time into popular science - in order to get citizens on board.“

Insights of this rabbit hole journey:

- link every publication to a press release
- popular science = part of publication
- public cannot judge what is good science
- more reward to journals of failure (e.g. 'nature failure') / rate and label refuted papers
- find a way to publish step by step insights
- indicate three most important papers rather than a long publication list



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Jannes Jegminat (reatch)
Matthias Gröbner (reatch)
Valeria Eckhardt (reatch)
Marion Betizeau