What if the space mission JWST detected life on planet Trappist-1f?

The upcoming James Webb Space Telescope will allow us to study exoplanets with unattained accuracy. Thus, the possibility of finding signs of extraterrestrial life is within reach. How should we react if we actually do so? Would such living beings provide an opportunity for us or could they pose an existential threat? Join us on our fifth journey through the rabbit hole, where we explore possible interactions between our and extraterrestrial worlds.

- What should we do if we find a civilization far ahead of us? We might be primitive, we might have no value for them and they might treat us like bacteria. But supposed that they are highly developed, then it is likely that they already know we exist (we cannot stop sending (already sent) signals/radiation from Earth anyway). And why then haven't we already heard from them?

- How should we find consensus among the world's population on what to do? With a democratic, voting process?

- Conclusion of discussion: Contact and find out consequences later!





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Jannes Jegminat (reatch)
Matthias Gröbner (reatch)
Valeria Eckhardt (reatch)
Caroline Dorn