Reatching into the rabbit hole

Upcoming rabbit hole

The seventh rabbit hole will take place in October. Further information and registration details will be posted on this page.

What is "reatching into the rabbit hole"?

Reatching into the rabbit hole (RRH) uses (i) solid scientific knowledge to develop (ii) lofty ideas about tomorrow—in order to (iii) gain insights for today. Each rabbit hole explores a future scenario by creatively extrapolating the impact of a technology or field of research. RRH aids science communication because it complements the intellectual aspect with emotional and discursive interaction.


(i) The journey through the rabbit hole starts with solid scientific knowledge. We invite an expert to prepare a short and comprehensible overview of the state of the art.



(ii) The lofty ideas about tomorrow are prepared by the RRH-team. We detail a possible future scenario. To facilitate emotional access, we use story-telling elements and tangible examples.



(iii) Finally, we engage everyone in an open but moderated discussion. This is, where the scientific and the emotional perspective come together: Is the scenario plausible? Would we want to live in a world like this?


Become a White Rabbit

We are open for your ideas. If you feel like being the white rabbit and pitching an interesting or provoking idea, or know a special or exotic location, feel free to directly contact us ([email protected]).

Rabbit Hole History

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