September nanoTalks: Technologies for the future

Join our nanoTalks in September and find out why hydrogen will be relevant in the future of transport or what exactly is meant by tribology and why this discipline has enormous potential in the fight against climate change. It's all about future technologies for the start of an exciting autumn semester!

Talk 1: Hydrogen – future mobility, today

Presented by Karin Schröter, Engineer at Empa, Vehicle Energy Technologies Group

To become more sustainable, the transport sector needs the broad introduction of vehicles with new powertrain systems. Next to other technologies, fuel cell vehicles move into focus and with them hydrogen as a promising «new» energy carrier. Between many insecurities and opportunities, we are discussing the main questions: Why is hydrogen relevant in the future of the transport sector and which are the key technologies needed for a sufficient hydrogen infrastructure? – You are welcome, to have a short look at the current possibilities of hydrogen mobility based on the «move», Empa's «future mobility demonstrator» located at Dübendorf, CH.


Talk 2: Lubricants and their role in making technology greener

Presented by Chiara Gattinoni, Postdoc at the Departement of Materials, ETH Zurich

Tribology, sometimes called the most important engineering discipline nobody has heard of, holds immense potential in our fight against climate change. It is the science of surfaces in relative motion, and one of its many subfields deals with the lubrication of moving parts in automotive systems. This nanoTalk will show you how important progress in tribology and lubrication is to make automotive systems (and machinery in general) greener and what are the obstacles that scientists have to overcome to produce more efficient lubricants.

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